Sunday, December 11, 2011

Job Creators Alliance

 A great organization that I highly recommend. As these people know what it takes to create jobs!

JCA (Job Creators Alliance) is a group of current and retired CEOs and entrepreneurs who have come together to preserve the free enterprise system for succeeding generations. JCA members are spokespeople for a national marketing campaign to educate Americans on what it takes to make jobs, from a business perspective, the benefits of our free market society and how vital it is for America's future.

Competitiveness, energy policy, fiscal policy, health care, international trade, tax policy and regulations are all factors that are stifling American entrepreneurs from creating jobs. These items are all being thwarted at every turn by Progressive politicians. The Leftist Marxist followers and their dream of an unsustainable system is what drives them to keep trying the same thing over again and expecting a different result. That result is always misery, poverty and starvation.

The Keynesian model has been proven a miserable failure yet once again. The latest example provided by Obama/Palosi/Reid are tanking just as bad as all the times it was tried by Carter, FDR, Castro, Russia, China (they are only doing well recently by using turning right), Viet Nam, Cambodia and most of Europe.

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