Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Carter brought us Reagan who will Obama bring

Carter (arguably the worst president off the 20th century) brought us Reagan. Obama (possibly our first foreign born president) will bring us someone Reagan like! I am anticipating a backlash to the socialist agenda being rammed down our throats by the Progressives. You cannot live beyond your means forever (as much as everyone wants to implement these social programs) going bankrupt or raising taxes to economy stopping levels is not the answer. Socialism has failed everywhere it has been tried before and will not work in this country either. Many myself included agree that conservatism is the victim of the liberal media's most concentrated hate campaign in history”.
If you rob from Peter to pay Paul, Peter will be a Richard (AKA D1CK), no one likes to be a Richard after all and will become Paul (or worse yet become a criminal and stop paying taxes by going underground if one is to intelligent or to ambitious to be unproductive), then there will be no more Peters to take from and all will starve. Long live the Reagan revolution
If Reagan/Bush/Bush is considered by some on the left to be the dishonest idiots and Carter/Clinton/Obama the upstanding social pillars that will save the planet (LOL) then you better be ready to starve? Wake up America and smell the coffee, if you have enough change left over to buy a cup? Sarah Palin is the liberal/Progressive/Socialist nightmare and that is why she is so relentlessly hounded by the liberal, mainstream media (they fear her success). I look forward to Sara's next move as she or someone like her is what this country needs.
Resume of community organizer and junior senator verses Mayor and then State Governor. I have to give the edge to Palin over Obama
Sarah Palin (Reagan’s soul sister) or someone like her is the answer. A State Governor is better experience then a community organizer. She is smart enough to not bankrupt a country. She is beautiful, honest and considers family values important. What a refreshing change from our present president.

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