Monday, September 28, 2009

What is a community organizer?

Radical socialist Saul Alinsky is the original “community organizer” he developed the “science” of community organizing. He maintained an active career as a political agitator from the 1930’s up until his death in 1972. Google him and check it out for yourself. Saul was openly a communist/socialist sympathizer.
The purpose of the Socialists is to take from those that have and give it to those that do not, plain and simple that is what it is all about. I can't think of any difference anymore. They both look to the government for all the answers and cures. They both want big government to take care of everything from cradle to grave. I think Reagan was right, liberalism was just a cover for socialist, like progressive is trying to be a cover for liberalism.
One must investigate Community organizing if they are to understand Obama. But what does that say about him? Look at a man’s deeds not what he says. Community organizing is a tool of Communist/Liberal/Progressive radicals. The reason socialism is doomed to failure is that it punishes hard work and innovation and creates nepotism and corruption as proven by the democrats and unions on an almost daily basis.

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