Sunday, September 12, 2010

911 a date to never forget!

911 a date to never forget!
Atheists, Christians, Jews and Muslims all have the right to exist and live in the middle east. Fanatical Islamic psychotics sending homicide bombers into an ice cream shop killing innocent women and children must be exterminated as they are unwilling to except nothing other than Sharia law and expect the rest of us to also convert to Islam and abide by Sharia law. I for one do not have a problem defending ourselves from those who intend to harm us!
Cordoba House is an insensitive insult against 3000 dead Americans and all their families. They where murdered because of Islamic beliefs about Americans in the middle east. Many Muslims believe Islam must be made superior, victorious: dominant. Its Mosques must be larger and more numerous than churches, as a sign of domination. Muslims are planting their flag, symbolically seizing territory. Is there some part of this you can't comprehend? This proposed Mosque needs to be moved further away.

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