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Occupy Wall Street emails show the truth behind the movement!

I have downloaded all the emails and will be posting the more interesting ones. I recommend you do the same as this should be better than the Sara Palin emails.

If you are interesting in looking at the emails yourself here is a link to the file. OWS Emails

"My history with many of the key organizers of the “Global Movement for Peace and Justice” has allowed me to see right through the Mainstream Media and Democratic Party’s attempts to promote and build the #Occupy Movement as a “grassroots effort” which “spontaneously” arose. I’ve known that the #Occupy Movement is nothing less than a current manifestation of an international revolutionary push in which I myself used to play a significant role. This “movement” holds at its core that America is the largest enemy to world peace and freedom. As many know, my views began to change in our movements’ efforts to help the residents of the devastated New Orleans 9th Ward. My experiences in leadership allowed me to meet and interact with many “relief” and “protest” groups from around the world. I ultimately came to the conclusion that many of these organizations and individuals were intent on destroying our country – I decided to expose them through working undercover with The FBI." Brandon Darby quote.

Consultant for, the DNC,,, and more
From: Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman <>
Date: Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 8:32 PM
Subject: [GameChangerSalon] update on intl campaigns against Brookfield
Hey folks,
 I spent much of the afternoon working with (a young whippersnapper aiming to join the cadre of national-level MoveOn-like organizations around the world) on the campaign below, which just went out to their list of about ~50K in Canada.
 I also spoke with GetUp and they are going to try to push it over social media in Australia today, but their main email space today has to be for a blast about refugees due to a major shift in government policy yesterday on an issue they've been campaigning on for years. Depending on what happens tomorrow, they could possibly do an email Saturday their time (Friday night our time).
I'm also working with to try to get the campaign out to their Australian & Canadian lists. I think that likely will not happen until tomorrow if at all.
On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:51 PM,  <> wrote:
Could you possibly post it on the website, or at least on here, so that people can read it?  Is it an updated version of the "principles of solidarity" that was on line?  We have at least five groups working on messages and it is almost impossible to find them or what they are working on.  There is a demands list

On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 8:15 PM, Charles <> wrote:
Hey guys,
Thanks for the responses. I understand that there are some serious
issues with the AJA, including its formal endorsement of quasi-
internship programs, when those should be illegal.
I also understand the desire not to play or overplay our hand, and
hold off.
The comparisons to the German unemployment or "short work" system does
not render it disreputable in my eyes. Germany is not perfect, but
there is an enviable level of worker control in German factories and
great labor protections there, and adapting or experimenting with
ideas from Northern Europe would probably be a good idea at this
point. I think greater collaboration between the state and business to
boost employment would be a wonderful thing, if the business class in
North America weren't so nihilistic.
That said, I do understand that the business community in North
America *is* nihilistic, and has utterly abandoned the entire concept
of "home bias" that classical capitalists fantasized about .
However, I would remind you all of Alain Badiou's famous thesis about
the three ways a revolution fails. The first is by being physically or
effectively destroyed or foiled. The second is by co-opting or being
co-opted by the agenda of the enemy, rendering itself pointless. I
understand that all of us are extremely concerned about these first
two possibilities. The third, however, is more pernicious: in an
effort to avoid the first two forms of failure, the revolution
retreats into "ultra-leftism" and becomes obsessed with purity. That
can lead to nihilism.
By all means, let's not tie ourselves down too much. It's important to
separate ourselves from the dominant narrative and build a counter-
narrative. However, we need *some* leverage in the public debate if
we're going to gain momentum. Personally, I think it would be great to
say "We want this this and this, and we're not leaving. However, once
we get those things, we're STILL not leaving because there's still so
much to be done and we will continue forward."
Thanks for listening.

Doug Singsen [] wrote
The problem is that the jobs bill isn't a step in the right direction, it's a tenth of a step in the right direction and a whole step in the wrong direction. I actually think that right now almost no one is going to be scared away by us being "too radical." This is a moment when large numbers of people are fed up with multiple aspects of US politics and economy: corporate power, union-busting, layoffs, war, and more.
Right, we need to specify what the money is to be used for. The specific wording can be tweaked, and it can be expressed in several demands - it doesn't have to be a single demand/slogan - for instance:
  • Tax Wall Street, Big Corporations and the Rich
  • Create Jobs, Stop Layoffs
  • No Cuts to Social Services
John McGloin, (member of the organizing committee)
917 453 7352
On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:51 PM,  <> wrote:
Could you possibly post it on the website, or at least on here, so that people can read it?  Is it an updated version of the "principles of solidarity" that was on line?  We have at least five groups working on messages and it is almost impossible to find them or what they are working on.  There is a demands list also said
  Here is a letter I sent to the NYtimes as soon as i read their article:
 To the editor:  I have been reading your newspaper loyaly for over thirty years.  I have written many letters and had some published, but this one is aimed directly at you.  I have been helping to organize Occupy Wall St for months on the ground and online.   I am a New York City School teacher with degrees in (capitalist) economics and political science.  The 100 to 2,000 people on the ground at Liberty square  at any moment are only the tip of the iceberg.  There are thousands of people all over the world supporting us in any way they can.  Many of us have one or two jobs, or are searching for work, and/or go to school and cannot be there all of the time.  We occupy wall st because we can see that transnational banks and other corporations that have no loyalty to people or countries (because their bylaws say they cannot) are using the government to game the system and manipulate markets so that they can gather all of the world's wealth under their control. 
The New York Times reacts by ignoring us, then fixating on a girl who took her off her shirt and a guy who wants the world to switch to electric cars and demeaning us a "diffuse convocation."  Did you bother to visit our media center where we run websites, twitter accounts, a live feed, etc.  Did you notice the constant supply of food supplied by the food committee, or the comfort comittee that helps people stay warm at night, or the welcoming comittee with their tables and info? 
You wonder why there are not large numbers of poor New Yorkers there, but fail to mention that the mainstream media has largely ignored us for more than a week.  You mention that we are leaderless but seem unaware that we have a democratic system that uses facilitators to run meetings at which we set an agenda, have orderly discussions, and reach consensus on dozens of issues.  These meetings have been ongoing since Bloombergville which you also largely ignored.  The process is not as fast as having representatives make backroom deals, but once concensus is reached things get done.
We are presently in a painstaking process of finding consensus on a message that we think a majority of the country and the world can get behind, so that most of the 99% can come together and take our planet back from the transnational superclass.  Fighting corporations that are larger than most countries is not a one day action.  We are in it for the long haul.  We are people with memory and vision. 
If the Tea Party camped out in lower Manhattan it would get wall to wall coverage, and an above the fold article in your paper.  I expect the paper of record to do more than make fun of me and my colleagues.  I feel betrayed by a paper I loved.
 -I'm not sure why i am sending this to the list serve except that i write best when I'm pissed.
 What about an alternate tack for the one demand--a demand to the people (based on a sign I saw today):
"We demand that the people take control of their government.  If the People lead, the leaders will follow."
I can get behind this.  Can we all agree on a message soon?  Our soundbite world is unable to comprehend complexity.  Many keep calling us stupid because we think too much.  lol

Justin Wedes [] received this email from a Union Rep Jonathan Weitz Astroturffing.

Hi Justin:
 I just wanted to follow up on are conversation from Tuesday regarding are (National Nurses United) November 3rd event in Washington DC.
 Again, we would love to have some of the Wall Street Occupiers join us on are buses from NYC to DC on 11/3 to the event. We will be providing transportation and food throughout the day.
 I’ve attached the flyer that we would like to have put on the calendar on the website. If you needed to tweak or anything like you spoke about that should be fine. Again, we like to just have it posted, it doesn’t need to be endorsed by the GA.
 Please let me know if you have any questions.
 Thanks for all your help!
Jonathan Weitz, National Representative
National Nurses United- NNU

Tel: 646-460-7734 Fax:212-624-0256

This is from
"OurSchoolsNYC" <>
dated Thu 9/15/2011 9:35 AM 

Dear friends,

I’m writing to invite you to be part of an amazing uprising. A process that is as exciting as it is unpredictable. A gathering that has already inspiredthousands of tweets, a Homeland Security memo, and food donationsfrom across the globe. A leaderless, broad groundswell of people across class and racial lines amassing with no unique demand or calling – yet.
On Saturday, September 17, Wall Street becomes our street.
And it will be your street if you take it with us. Not to shatter windows or harass local business owners. Not to intimidate residents or incite violence. To assemble. Peaceably. Inclusively. In the heroic style of the founding fathers of this once-great nation. This soon-to-be-great-again nation.
Our demands aren’t formed yet – we’ll form them with you, when we lay down on the public street and assemble in the thousands.
Our intentions aren’t vague, they are crystal clear – we will occupy these streets, re-humanize what has become Manhattan’s sterile Green Zone with sleeping bags and makeshift kitchens.
And we’ll assemble in a huge General Assembly to do what leaders on both sides of the aisle haven’t been able to even begin to do: construct solutions.
We’ll use consensus and we’ll take our time.
We’ll learn from each other as we build a functional camp in a dysfunctional world.
We’ll affirm our constitutional rights to free speech and to peaceably assemble.
Will you join us to #OccupyWallStreet?

-Justin Wedes
Editor, OurSchoolsNYC

PS - One concrete thing you can do today is join parents and community leaders to support the legal fight against charter co-locations, 9am at 60 Court St.
Here is one from; on behalf of; Chuck Schumer [] please note the Communists Che quote at the end!
Marina makes a great point. Just to add one thing - when Marina writes that "after 30 seconds you are cut off," she means when the clip makes it to air. However, often journalists will ask a question then shut up. When you finish talking, they stay silent, so you keep going. Ultimately you talk longer than you intended, and they have tons of stuff to edit into those 30 seconds. So yes, practice you clip over and over again until you can recite it perfectly. Say it into the camera, then SHUT UP! No need to slip up and say something scandalous. See ya'll on Saturday!
On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:05 PM, Marina Sitrin <> wrote:
Talking to the media can be really challenging. I agree with the other
messages that first we act in solidarity with one another. (We have
enough people against us.)

Those of us who have not gotten to go to a media training can still
practice a 30 second sound bite with a friend. It is hard to put it
all in such a short time span, so practice is key. What do you want to
say. Pick one message. "I am out on the street because ..." "I want to
occupy Wall Street because ..." "I believe together we can create a
different ... "

One sweet short point. After 30 seconds you are cut off, so work at
the time frame.

I am so thrilled to be a part of this action and to have already met
so many inspiring folks.

In Solidarity,
Seamos realistas, hagamos lo imposible ~ che

Here is a email from; on behalf of; Luis Moreno-Caballud []
Great ideas, Justine!

On Sep 16, 2011, at 3:34 PM, Justine wrote:

> I just removed Adbusters' verbiage about the "one demand" from the home page of  It makes no sense to mention a demand that doesn't exist.  I think this change is long overdue because having those words there has done nothing but hurt us in terms of negative press coverage.  This change should help us out as traffic continues to grow (yesterday we had 7000 visitors, today we're expecting 8000)
> The word 'tents' was also changed to 'beds'.
> Any thoughts or suggestions?  I'm very open to the possibility of using different verbiage.  Please also remember: is YOUR website.  If you need content posted, let me know.
> --
> Justine

"The TPers aren't supporting us because they're learning to respect other people's opinions. If they knew how most of us felt about Wall St and the economy and what kind of solutions we want to see, they would have nothing to do with us, and in fact would violently denounce us. Rather, because we don't have a clear political position, they're able to project their own right-wing views onto us." 
a quote from a Doug Singsen" <  email

This email sent on Sun 9/18/2011 2:25 PM shows the request for Union involvment from the protesters 
I couldnt agree more with Jackie -- labor's involvement is key and as she points out there are so many locals in the NY area right now that are waging their own disparate, isolated struggles against the machine that is slowly crushing them. Workers' involvement in this action would have a hugely transformative effect. 
Joshua van Praag

Barry Ritholtz <> wrote:
 In terms of goals and desires, the simpler and more fundamental a list, the more like that actual change can be effected.
I would keep it focused on finance (ie. Wall Street) and on issues that actually matter and can be a rallying cry for the nation.
We don't want a top 10 list -- at least not as the main goals -- it becomes too unfocused.  
 I suggest 3 goals, with specific political action to follow
1. Get dirty Wall St Money out of politics/legislative process
2. No more bailouts 
3. End TBTF banks 
The legislative goals of each could be as follows: 
1. CAMPAIGN FINANCE:  Constitutional amendment changing the rules of campaign finance, providing public finance, removing the massive inflow of cash -- I believe Dylan called auctioning our Congress to the highest bidder. 
A national campaign to get that amendment on every ballot in every state is a very doable goal.
(Marketing: "Take Congress back from Wall St!")
2. BAILOUTS: No more bailouts is obvious -- time to end private gains and socialized losses of crony capitalism 
(Marketing: "Bring Back Real Capitalism!" )
 3. TBTF:  As George Shultz famously said, "If they're too big to fail, make them smaller." 
The bailouts have made the TBTF banks an even bigger, less competitive oligarchy. Bring back competition by limiting the size of these, either in terms of % of deposits or dollar amounts. Many ways to accomplish this, including an FDIC caps on insurance would be effective. 
(Bring now private citizen Sheila Bair into the discussion)
These are all doable measurable goals, that can have a real impact on legislation, the economy and taxes.

shaista husain [] wrote
The unprecedented support and endorsements by labor organizations joining the occupation is already an enormous victory--big props to labor outreach--i think we would pigeonhole ourselves with one demand--it is counter to our decentralized and autonomous structure--although consensus means we are unified one shouldn't vulgarize it to mean we are homogenous--we are heterogenous--multi-form in our diversity and strategically best served by multiple fronts of resistance and alliances--we are building bridges and as a coalition our ability to galvanize further action.
Perhaps, instead of arguing over demands we can begin to define ourselves by supporting and endorsing other protests, drafting and passing these in the GA. In this way it is not some abstract demands, but more concrete alliances, voicing OUR support of other protest movements---for example, --like the -- THere is a hunger strike in our prisons, the media is not giving enough attention to. We could show solidarity with prisoners who are silenced and locked away and support their demands. for example, we could also oppose Tar Sands and endorse those working to save our environment.  WHile we hash out whether we will have demands/values/program etc.. perhaps we can begin to add OUR support and solidarity, not only with organized labor and civil groups who are giving us huge support, but also to those who need our support. Build bridges. (obviously this is happening whether we formalize it or not, but it would be great to formalize it and articulate it with GA approval.)
In solidarity,

On Sun, Oct 2, 2011 at 7:51 PM,  <> wrote:
> Could you possibly post it on the website, or at least on here, so
> that people can read it?  Is it an updated version of the "principles
> of solidarity" that was on line?  We have at least five groups working
> on messages and it is almost impossible to find them or what they are
> working on.  There is a demands list on but when I
> tried to comment it wouldn't take my comment.
> We passed a list of grievances on Thursday, and I happened to be
> there, but it was the first I had heard of the document.  The open
> source group is working on something, but I can't find them since
> Thursday night.  Shouldn't the open source group be available on line?
> I'm glad to have almost any message to the world, but the whole point
> of waiting to have a message was so that everyone could have input,
> and even though I am on line 4 hours a day, and there two nights a
> week, I feel like I have very little input (not that I should have any
> more than anyone else).
> Is one of the principles "transparency?"
> I'm not as upset as this email might make me sound.  I love our
> process and I know these issues will be worked out, but talking about
> the issues is part of the process.  So I am just aksing that all of
> you messaging groups try a little harder to communicate with the rest of us and each other.
> Thanks, John McG

This is from Jackie DiSalvo [] email dated Wed 10/5/2011 12:50 PM


1. CONGRESS PASS HR 1489 ("RETURN TO PRUDENT BANKING ACT" ). THIS REINSTATES MANY PROVISIONS OF THE GLASS-STEAGALL ACT.–Steagall_Act --- Wiki entry summary: The repeal of provisions of the Glass–Steagall Act of 1933 by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999 effectively removed the separation that previously existed between investment banking which issued securities and commercial banks which accepted deposits. The deregulation also removed conflict of interest prohibitions between investment bankers serving as officers of commercial banks. Most economists believe this repeal directly contributed to the severity of the Financial crisis of 2007–2011 by allowing Wall Street investment banking firms to gamble with their depositors' money that was held in commercial banks owned or created by the investment firms. Here's detail on repeal in 1999 and how it happened:–Steagall_Act#Repeal .
§ Vote Here #1

2. USE CONGRESSIONAL AUTHORITY AND OVERSIGHT TO ENSURE APPROPRIATE FEDERAL AGENCIES FULLY INVESTIGATE AND PROSECUTE THE WALL STREET CRIMINALS who clearly broke the law and helped cause the 2008 financial crisis in the following notable cases: (insert list of the most clear cut criminal actions). There is a pretty broad consensus that there is a clear group of people who got away with millions / billions illegally and haven't been brought to justice. Boy would this be long overdue and cathartic for millions of Americans. It would also be a shot across the bow for the financial industry. If you watch the solidly researched and awared winning documentary film "Inside Job" that was narrated by Matt Damon (pretty brave Matt!) and do other research, it wouldn't take long to develop the list.
§ Vote Here #2

3. CONGRESS ENACT LEGISLATION TO PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY BY REVERSING THE EFFECTS OF THE CITIZENS UNITED SUPREME COURT DECISION which essentially said corporations can spend as much as they want on elections. The result is that corporations can pretty much buy elections. Corporations should be highly limited in ability to contribute to political campaigns no matter what the election and no matter what the form of media. This legislation should also RE-ESTABLISH THE PUBLIC AIRWAVES IN THE U.S. SO THAT POLITICAL CANDIDATES ARE GIVEN EQUAL TIME FOR FREE AT REASONABLE INTERVALS IN DAILY PROGRAMMING DURING CAMPAIGN SEASON. The same should extend to other media.
§ Vote Here #3

4. CONGRESS PASS THE BUFFETT RULE ON FAIR TAXATION SO THE RICH AND CORPORATIONS PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE & CLOSE CORPORATE TAX LOOP HOLES AND ENACT A PROHIBITION ON HIDING FUNDS OFF SHORE. No more GE paying zero or negative taxes. Pass the Buffet Rule on fair taxation so the rich pay their fair share. (If we have a really had a good negotiating position and have the place surrounded, we could actually dial up taxes on millionaires, billionaires and corporations even higher...back to what they once were in the 50's and 60's.
§ Vote Here #4

5. CONGRESS COMPLETELY REVAMP THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION and staff it at all levels with proven professionals who get the job done protecting the integrity of the marketplace so citizens and investors are both protected. This agency needs a large staff and needs to be well-funded. It's currently has a joke of a budget and is run by Wall St. insiders who often leave for high ticket cushy jobs with the corporations they were just regulating. Hmmm.
§ Vote Here #5

§ Vote Here #6

7. CONGRESS PASSING "Revolving Door Legislation" LEGISLATION ELIMINATING THE ABILITY OF FORMER GOVERNMENT REGULATORS GOING TO WORK FOR CORPORATIONS THAT THEY ONCE REGULATED. So, you don't get to work at the FDA for five years playing softball with Pfizer and then go to work for Pfizer making $195,000 a year. While they're at it, Congress should pass specific and effective laws to enforce strict judicial standards of conduct in matters concerning conflicts of interest. So long as judges are culled from the ranks of corporate attorneys the 1% will retain control.
§ Vote Here #7

8. ELIMINATE "PERSONHOOD" LEGAL STATUS FOR CORPORATIONS. The film "The Corporation" has a great section on how corporations won "personhood status". . Fast-forward to 2:20. It'll blow your mind. The 14th amendment was supposed to give equal rights to African Americans. It said you "can't deprive a person of life, liberty or property without due process of law". Corporation lawyers wanted corporations to have more power so they basically said "corporations are people." Amazingly, between 1890 and 1910 there were 307 cases brought before the court under the 14th amendment. 288 of these brought by corporations and only 19 by African Americans. 600,000 people were killed to get rights for people and then judges applied those rights to capital and property while stripping them from people. It's time to set this straight.

§ Vote Here #8
To Vote on All #Revolution Demands - Click Here

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