Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Tragedy Of The Commons

"The Tragedy of the Commons", written by ecologist Garrett Hardin and first published in the journal Science in 1968. This is the original article as written by Garrett Hardin in PDF form.

The Tragedy of the Commons is a simple concept that in my opinion explains most of the inherent problems of Socialism and the associated Marxist redistribution schemes that their adherents prescribe. I believe that in almost all instances of problems are best understood and resolved with simple explanations and solutions. The common statement from those who are trying to promote a complex convoluted solution to a simple problem are usually attempting to deceive someone and hide their true intentions.

In my thirty plus years as an engineer solving problems on large complex systems, have used the technique of breaking them down to simple basic components. Each component on its own is easy to comprehend and deal with but when you combine the many components into large complex system then it becomes cantankerous and difficult to deal with. This is why I feel that the Progressives and their Keynesian big government solutions are not viable or sustainable. If one spends more then they earn for any significant time you will end up in long term debt for a short bump in economic gain.

RESOLVING THE TRAGEDY OF THE COMMONS BY CREATING PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS IN WILDLIFE By Robert J. Smith This is an excellent article on how private property rights can be used to solve many of today's problems using Conservative methods with examples from the past.

The Tragedy Of The Commons (and how it effects the future of  the Internet) by Daniel McFadden, 09.10.01
This is an excellent article published in Forbes  regarding the internet and its future mind you it was written over 10 years ago but is still relevant and unresolved.. 

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