Saturday, November 26, 2011

Just a few unsustainable accomplishments of the Democrats



Just a few unsustainable accomplishments of the Democrats:
OBAMACARE HAS SOCIALIZED health care dragging down the overall quality and driving up costs forcing many companies to absorb unexpected costs.
A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) states that repealing a portion of Obamacare will save about $14 Billion as The Hill reports. Click Here to read the article.
Since government bureaucrats will spend your money to implement socialized medicine under Obamacare, we can all look forward to higher costs and decreased care quality unless this program is repealed.
As more and more people become acquainted with socialized medicine under Obamacare, support for Obamacare drops. Click Here to read about how a new AP poll finds that support for socialized medicine under Obamacare has fallen to 35%. Many of us knew this program would be a disaster when it was shamefully muscled through Congress on 3/21/2010.
Obamacare was passed through both the House and the Senate using every dirty trick in the book, culminating with now retired Congressman Bart Stupak caving on his principles.
[OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS] We need to elect more just like them next election!

It’s officially a crisis. Student loan debt has hit the $1 trillion mark, exceeding Americans’ total credit card indebtedness. Unemployed graduates with huge loan balances are camping out in “Occupy” camps -- the Hoovervilles of our age -- around the nation. And President Obama, perhaps afraid those camps will be dubbed “Obamavilles,” as indeed they have already been by some, has unveiled a new proposal that promises to help graduates who are drowning in debt.
Unfortunately, “promises” is the correct word. Though unveiled with much fanfare, the Obama proposal doesn’t really do much. First, as the Chronicle of Higher Education pointed out in an article characterizing it as mostly political, “The benefit is available only to current students. Those jobless college graduates who are protesting on Wall Street and at similar events elsewhere won’t qualify.”
Second, even for those who do qualify, the benefit doesn’t amount to much. Daniel Indiviglio of The Atlantic Monthly calculated that the president’s plan will save the average grad less than $10 a month. (Even those with $100K in debt will save only $28.50 a month). You can make that sound like more -- and the White House tried -- by touting total savings over the life of the loan, but this isn’t going to rescue anyone who’s financially underwater. It’s a beer and a slice a month, more or less.
At best, it’s a band-aid solution. The real problem is that we’ve been running a higher education bubble, one that -- like the real-estate bubble -- has been pumped up by cheap government money. Since 1999, student loan debt has increased by 511%, while disposable income has increased by only 73%.
That’s because when the government subsidizes something, producers respond by raising prices to soak up as much of the subsidy as they can. College is no exception. Tuition has been increasing much faster than disposable income, and families -- believing that a college education is a can’t-lose investment, much as they used to think houses were -- have been making up the difference with debt. After all, we’re told, student loan debt is “good debt,” because a college degree guarantees more earnings.

[OPPOSED BY 100 % OF HOUSE REPUBLICANS] They understand the sustainability of the current system is impossible and are trying to implement fiscally responsible solutions!


While Republicans pursue their agenda that will certainly create jobs as has been proven time and time again over the coarse of history, Democrats have an EXTREME agenda to increase the size of government, prop up unions thru job killing anti business regulations and promote unsustainable entitlements!

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