Sunday, January 22, 2012

Annoy a Leftist. Work Hard, Succeed & Be Happy!

The ongoing Presidential election has got me thinking about the contrast of the left and right. The whole thing can be summed up with in just two sentences. Annoy a Leftist. Work Hard, Succeed & Be Happy!

What do I mean by this? The simple Conservative truth of Fair taxes, limited government, states rights, and school choice through vouchers, competition and charter schools verses the unsustainable Marxist redistributive model exposed by the leftists. 

Does the fact that they have to reinvent their brand every so often to hide their real intentions mean any thing? Marxists, Socialists, Progressive, Communists are all variations of the same tired Marxist redistributive ponzi scheme that has repeatedly failed in every attempt that has been tried in the last two centuries. Why do they have to use warm and fuzzy half true misleading terms like social justice, The Conservatives have used the same simple message from the beginning!

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