Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How much exactly is a fair share?

The Socialists are at it again with the class warfare argument. How much exactly is a fair share?

The top 10% pay 70% while the bottom 48% pay no income taxes at all. This is not fare by anyone's measure except fore the extreme left that any amount is ever going to be enough till their is no wealthy left at all.

Most families making over a 100k these days are paying a tax burden of over 50% once you add the state taxes, county taxes, fuel taxes, phone taxes, sales taxes, VATs, corporate taxes that are passed on to us in the selling price and all the other well hidden use taxes. In reality it is closer to 60 %!

The statute of limitations has worn out on blaming Bush. We need to progress into the future with compensation based on merit and factoring the required productivity to live decent. Large overreaching inefficient government and organized labor are the problem. We need more freedom and independent thinking or at least a level playing field and our productivity!
Obama, the Liberal elitist's and the Marxist's must all be defeated if their is any freedom to be had for the common man.
The bottom 50% have no income tax while the bottom 25% get a redistributed asset (Marxism BTW) the top 50% pay at least 40% if you want to raise taxes then raise them on the bottom 50% as they are either paying nothing or less. There should be no representation without a little taxation and all should have some skins in the game even if it is only a token amount. This country does not have a tax problem it has a spending problem!

Common Sense dictates that the government cannot spend more than it takes in forever. If they print more money it will cause inflation and devalue savings and pensions. If they raise taxes any higher it will reduce revenue due to the Laffer curve effect as we are already well into the prohibitive range. The only logical course is to massively cut spending across the board. A simple common sense solution to a tough problem is to just vote conservative.

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