Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Education System is Broke and Needs a Reset

Teachers Unions are ruining our Schools. They represent the workers not our children or the taxpayers. We need to have someone representing the students interests.

"One of the things I’ve always liked about charter schools is they aren’t bound by onerous labor agreements that hamper innovation.  Traditional public schools get boxed in with union contracts that literally stipulate when a teacher arrives in the morning and when he or she must depart.  And that’s just the beginning of union-imposed regulations.
In charter schools, the interest of the students comes first, so adults oftentimes find themselves going above and beyond to ensure that students succeed.  In the documentary “Kids Aren’t Cars,” the story was told of Tindley Accelerated School in Indianapolis.  The principal said his teachers stay late and work Saturdays if necessary because they do not accept failure." a quote from an article by Kyle Olsen.

Their intent is clear.  Consider what United Federation of Teachers Vice President Leo Casey said at the recent socialist Left Forum, courtesy of EAGtv:“If we do not figure out how to organize charter schools and if we are not successful in doing that, we will end up in the same place as the auto workers. So there is no more key question before us as a union and a broader labor movement with regard to education than how we approach charter schools and our ability to organize them.”

Tax dollars pay for the teachers to teach and not to do an Organizing America AstroTurf protest. The recent fight in Wisconsin, and across the country, is really about: money for government unions. The government unions themselves are admitting this every day the fight drags on. 18 states have all ready restricted public sector collective bargaining. All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service.

In this day and age with the internet (unless the government some how gets control of that) the masses will never allow the corporations to exploit their workers again. In fact it is the big labor
public sector unions along with help from the Democrats that are exploiting taxpayers and students with a monopoly Public service unions support democrats. Democrats in turn support unions and their benefits this is a monopoly. Pay to play. Time this immoral Astroturf is stopped.

One must investigate Community organizing if they are to understand Obama and the Unions. But what does that say about him? Look at a man’s deeds not what he says. Community organizing is a tool of Communist/Liberal/Progressive radicals. The reason socialism is doomed to failure is that it punishes hard work and innovation and creates nepotism and corruption as proven by the democrats and unions
on an almost daily basis.

Unions were needed back in the days of sweat shops, killing mills and mines of 100 years ago. But now they are mostly lazy, greedy and corrupt beyond redemption and living in the past. We need to progress into the future with compensation based on merit and factoring the required productivity to live a decent life. Large overreaching inefficient government and organized labor are the problem. We need
more freedom and independent thinking or at least a level playing field and our productivity will bury them in the end!

Charter Schools and Vouchers are the best way to achieve longterm improvements in the American education system. The common working man has as much right to a quality education as a wealthy man.The current system of Teachers Unions with all their minions is fighting these great and proven ideas help our children to the bitter end and so they must fought with equal vigor in order to be defeated.

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