Friday, December 31, 2010

Civil Union abuses and public education

  I would agree that unions are necessary as they prevent abuse by employers, but they should not be favored over others as the playing field should be level for all. An entrepreneur, small business, large corporation, free worker or a union should never be favored over the other. The situations when a condition of employment is to join the union productivity is stifled, breeds incompetence and inefficiency. When a union decides how to run an entity it is inherently corrupt and mismanaged. Just look at our public schools and anything else that is government ran. You can not argue that in the public sector the protectionism and collusion with government has gone to far a constitutes a monopoly. It has been proven time and time again that a monopoly leads to ruin for the majority.
  We have spent an inordinate amount of resources on public education with very little positive results. I am not saying we abandon the public schools just that we minimally fund it so that all can have a basic education and allow vouchers so that there is an alternative to the failed union organized leftist ran public schools. Not all Americans want to have their children indoctrinated.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Tragedy Of The Commons

The Tragedy Of The Commons
quotes from ZACTech, Daniel McFadden and Tibor Machan

Immigrants to New England in the 17th century formed villages in which they had privately owned homesteads and gardens, but they also set aside community-owned pastures, called commons, where all of the villagers' livestock could graze. Settlers had an incentive to avoid overuse of their private lands, so they would remain productive in the future. However, this self-interested stewardship of private lands did not extend to the commons. As a result, the commons were overgrazed and degenerated to the point that they were no longer able to support the villagers' cattle. This failure of private incentives to provide adequate maintenance of public resources is known to economists as "the tragedy of the commons."

Contemporary society has a number of current examples of the tragedy of the commons: the depletion of fish stocks in international waters, congestion on urban highways, and the rise of resistant diseases due to careless use of antibiotics. However, the commons that is likely to have the greatest impact on our lives in the new century is the digital commons, the information available on the Internet through the portals that provide access. The problem with digital information is the mirror image of the original grazing commons: Information is costly to generate and organize, but its value to individual consumers is too dispersed and small to establish an effective market. The information that is provided is inadequately catalogued and organized. Furthermore, the Internet tends to fill with low-value information: The products that have high commercial value are marketed through revenue-producing channels, and the Internet becomes inundated with products that cannot command these values. Self-published books and music are cases in point

Is this stuff with Greece and, soon, with Portugal, Spain and Italy, and the rest of us all that surprising? Has it not been clear for ages that when people draw their support from a common pool, the resources will soon vanish?
Aristotle already noted this phenomenon when he said, “For that which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it. Every one thinks chiefly of his own, hardly at all of the common interest; and only when he is himself concerned as an individual. For besides other considerations, everybody is more inclined to neglect the duty which he expects another to fulfill; as in families many attendants are often less useful than a few.” (Politics, 1262a30-37) Biologist Garrett Hardin reaffirmed the point in an influential essay, “The Tragedy of the Commons,” for the magazine Science, on December 13, 1968.
The gist of the tragedy is that commonly held (important) resources will be depleted and will not be replenished. And this doesn’t apply only to how the wilds are being ruined by being held in common but also to national treasuries which everyone in a country believes is there for him or her to dip into indiscriminately. And then, with international communities, the tragedy isn’t contained by national borders.
One of the largest commons these days is the European Union. Everyone in Europe is fighting to take from its common pool of stuff — mostly funds through such outfits as the IMF, the World Bank, etc. — but few are eager to replace what they have taken. And this applies to the citizenry, clearly, not only the politicians who want to please them. (The IMF draws a lot of its funds now from the USA! How long can that go on?)
And the same is happening in the USA, of course, what with common pools such as the so called Social Security fund slowly being drained. What are all those lobbyists doing in Washington? Looking to dip into the common treasury as deeply as they can. Getting stuff from the government is always enthusiastically pursued while refilling its coffers is not—who really volunteers to pay taxes, let alone more than one must fork over? That is just what the tragedy of the commons amounts to, get as much out as you can, and put as little back as possible.
The best way to deal with the tragedy of the commons is privatization! But of course that would help put an end to this constant promise of a free ride. Moreover, once people get used to getting a free ride, at least for a while, they regard it as a God-given right for them to continue. And there you have Greece today and the rest of the welfare states of the globe tomorrow. (Actually, most of them are merely postponing their comeuppance.)
Privatization — making the stuff of the world private property instead of held in common — solves the problem because it imposes discipline. Everyone must cope with the limited stuff he or she has, can produce, can obtain through peaceful trade, nothing more. No one may dump his or her waste on the neighbor! No one may rip off the neighbor once out of private resources. Maybe in a few drastic emergencies such transgressions will be tolerated but not as a rule, which is how it goes now. Such discipline as privatization brings about would also handle most environmental problems. Even a fiasco such as the oil mess in the Gulf of Mexico would be more likely to be contained if the oceans itself were privately owned — without very serious assurance of safety, drilling would not be possible because private parties would be vigilant about protecting their rightful interests!
On numerous fronts, then, we see that the problems that keep showing up in the daily news are the result of reliance upon the commons. Hardin himself thought that a strict administration of the commons might solve the problem but he didn’t take public choice theory into consideration — people “in charge” have their own agendas and will not really guard the ever elusive public interest.
One way to deal with all this is to come up with a sound constitution for a country! Constitutional economists, like James Buchanan, have been advocating this for years but the public and the political class knows that it would mean the end of their free ride. Never mind that such a free ride will end anyway. But folks do think they can continue eating their cake and having it, too. Not a promising picture!
True Conservatism needs to prevail not Progressivism by either the Democrats or Republicans. Limited Government = True Freedom and Large Government by either party = Oppression!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

911 a date to never forget!

911 a date to never forget!
Atheists, Christians, Jews and Muslims all have the right to exist and live in the middle east. Fanatical Islamic psychotics sending homicide bombers into an ice cream shop killing innocent women and children must be exterminated as they are unwilling to except nothing other than Sharia law and expect the rest of us to also convert to Islam and abide by Sharia law. I for one do not have a problem defending ourselves from those who intend to harm us!
Cordoba House is an insensitive insult against 3000 dead Americans and all their families. They where murdered because of Islamic beliefs about Americans in the middle east. Many Muslims believe Islam must be made superior, victorious: dominant. Its Mosques must be larger and more numerous than churches, as a sign of domination. Muslims are planting their flag, symbolically seizing territory. Is there some part of this you can't comprehend? This proposed Mosque needs to be moved further away.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

anticolonial ideology of Barack Obama Sr. goes a long way to explain the actions and policies of our currrent president

here is a link to excellent article written by Dinesh D'Souza  posted at called

How Obama Thinnks Our current president Obama and his strange policy's are well explained in this article.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Neoconservatism isn't new or conservative

Hardly a day goes by without a member of the far left wing falsely accusing conservatives of racism, bigotry, and a wide array of similar nasty things. 21 Democrat Senators organized the record Senate filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. A calculation of 26 major civil rights votes from 1933 through the 1960's civil rights era shows that Republicans favored civil rights in approximately 96% of the votes, whereas the Democrats opposed them in 80% of the votes! I am tired of the lefts predictable history revisions. Go to the Merriam Webster dictionary and you will see that the #1 definition of a neocon is a former liberal espousing political conservatism. The term has turned into poorly used slur by the left, the ironic thing is the labeled neocons rarely are. As a most have never been a liberal and they also generally abhor liberal beliefs. I prefer to think of myself as a Compassionate Conservative. Neoconservatism isn't new or conservative; the concept of using American power to establish democracy and protect freedom is at its core a liberal, internationalist idea.

Friday, August 27, 2010

How Obama killed Keynesian economics

Since the Roosevelt era, it has been long assumed that Keynesian economics, basically Govt. spending on a huge scale, cured the Great Depression. It has been a long used mantra of the Democratic Party because their motivations were spending and redistribution. Those who know a bit more about economics will clarify that it was not spending that ended the Great Depression, but rather World War II.

Think about it–suppose you were to borrow a large sum of money via multiple credit cards. You then took that money, and rather than spend it on your own small business, were to squander it on comic books and snack foods. Sure, this will help the manufacturers of said items in the short term. But what happens when the credit runs out? Well….shhh…don’t tell the President, but it means you are broke. And while you might still want to buy comics and junk food, you are penniless. To the Keynesian the solution is to try and open up new credit cards and spend freely, hoping that at some point a miracle will happen and you will be hired by Hostess. The truth of the matter is, you are simply moving money around, and aquiring debt in the process. Eventually, your credit runs out and you are worse off than before.

If most people instead took their own money, and perhaps had a tax cut to increase the amount of money they actually had (after all, Govt is a sink hole where money goes to die) and invested it in a small business, and hired some employees, your chances of increasing your money personally increases. Of course, employed people and businesses also pay more taxes than the unemployed, so the amount of money going to the Govt naturally increases as well.

The falsity of Keynesian economics is one perpetuated by ivory-tower thinkers who have never run a business of their own. President Barack Obama is in that group. These people have a hard time fully understanding the basics of how things run, and how Capitalism increases economic activity, and how Government and taxation spoils economic activity. They think the “money tree” is debt, but it is actually small and large business that produces money via production of goods and services. Naturally, when a dollar is produced via business, that business in turn may reinvest a portion of that money on employees, expansion, or retooling. Govt spends the same money on more employee benefits with a zero sum gain.

The election of Barack Obama has exposed Leftism for what it is: basically a “pie in the sky” belief in false principles that don’t work in the real world. The President has done something that the Conservatives have had little luck in promoting, basically the falsehood of Governement as savior. Mr Obama has instead shown Government spending and taxation, and Keynesianism for what it is—the destroyer of nations.

I found it laughable that during the G8/G20 summits that the President seemed to be a man alone. European leaders, who are struggling with long-term Socialist and Keynesian principles basically told him to “go blow” as he talked about the need for spending Trillions more on so-called “Stimulus”. At the same time one might also have been scared by Obama’s stance, as it made clear his complete incompetence and shallow intellect. This man, who was to be the glory of Leftism, may instead prove to be it’s inevitable destroyer. His blind loyalty to ideology, his lack of introspection and self-correction, these are the qualities of a Dictator.

The President, if he were as brilliant as he thinks he is, would understand that slavery is a bitter pill to swallow. It takes time and a good portion of honey (provided by the media) to slowly lull the uninformed masses to bear the yoke. Instead, this foolish man has rushed out and spoken of his unlimited power, grabbed the American citizen by the wrist, and struggles to lock on the cuffs, while shouting, “You are acting…stupidly!”.

The shockwaves of this will linger for generations. And it will be spoken of in History books, about the grand dictatorial vision of a small man with oratory capability who tried to ruin the greatest nation on Earth to prove a “theory”, Keynesianism, and failed.

Above is a reprint of a DreadPirateRoberts article

Saturday, August 14, 2010

President Obama Endorses Building Mosque Near Ground Zero

 Why am I not surprised that Americas worst president ever has got it wrong once again. Are you missing GWB yet? This loser is doing more irreparable harm in a shorter time then even Hoover did! Thank God he will be a one term President. To all of you slowing him, Pelosi and Reid down my hats are off to you all.

"As a citizen, and as president, I believe that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country," "That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances," "This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable." Obama said.

Atheists, Christians, Jews and Muslims all have the right to exist and live in the middle east or any where else for that matter. Fanatical Islamic psychotics sending homicide bombers into an ice cream shop killing innocent women and children must be exterminated. They are unwilling to except nothing other than Sharia law and expect the rest of us to also convert to Islam and abide by Sharia law. I for one do not have a problem defending ourselves from those who intend to harm us!
 The most ironic and funny thing is that his own supporters will be the first ones exterminated under sharia law. If the Islamic Fascists win the war that they are now waging against us, negotiations are not possible with them read their own quotes and any one will see that in their own words in Arabic (as they lie and contradict themselves in English) they will only except complete victory or death.
I pulled this from the New York Times OP Ed
Published New York Times: March 6, 2007
''I was a little Jakarta street kid,'' he said in a wide-ranging interview in his office . He once got in trouble for making faces during Koran study classes in his elementary school, but a president is less likely to stereotype Muslims as fanatics -- and more likely to be aware of their nationalism -- if he once studied the Koran with them.
Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it'll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as ''one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.''
Moreover, Mr. Obama's own grandfather in Kenya was a Muslim. Mr. Obama never met his grandfather and says he isn't sure if his grandfather's two wives were simultaneous or consecutive, or even if he was Sunni or Shiite. (O.K., maybe Mr. Obama should just give up on Alabama.)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Barack Obama is the worst president in history!

"Barack Obama is the worst president in history," "our generation will inherit a weakened country." "Somebody has to go to Washington and knock the hell out of the place." said Ben Quayle.
I am so glad someone has finally stated the obvious truth. I suppose being a student, teacher, community organizer and legislator makes you smarter than a Mayor and State Governor! The standard responses of you are a dumb racist from the left when they have no argument is all I am seeing here. Obama Palosi and Reid are taking America down the path of Communism and Marxism. When is this Chicago style community organizing crap going to be acknowledged and stopped? The violence and discrimination is always coming from the left not the right! They are discriminating against the productive hard working Americans.

When guns are outlawed then only the outlaws will have guns.

  I have no desire to shoot anything. The reason I keep weapons, train and practice self defense techniques is for the protection of myself and those around me that I love. For me it is not an amusement or game as I hate violence but I dislike being a victim even more! One can not rely on others for self preservation cause sometimes the ones that are supposed to protect you are not close enough or may even be corrupt and intending to harm you. Self defense is a right not a privilege.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dem Operative Tyler Clay Collins caught smearing TEA party

Still little to no coverage by the left biased mainstream media.
Here is an article on the fraud

Tyler Clay Collins at Democratic Event
The Liberals are desperate and resorting to Saul Alinsky like tactics used by corrupt community organizers once again. "It's obvious it's a Democratic play," said Jason Gillman, a Tea Party activist from Traverse City, Mich.
Here is a link to the you tube video of  Tyler in action.
I am stunned by the lack of coverage by the mainstream media on these happenings could you imagine the out cry if a Conservative tried the same thing.
Here is another Progressive infiltrator

Monday, August 9, 2010

More wasteful government spending coming our way. Taxed Enough Allready (TEA)

Here are some recent statements by politicians that I feel are noteworthy.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House will reconvene for a vote on the $26 billion state aid bill aimed at saving the jobs of teachers and other public employees, while giving the states a helping hand with Medicaid. Is this what you want?
“This has been the my way or the highway administration from the stimulus bill forward,” “Democrats on Capitol Hill and in this administration have slammed the door on republican ideas, have slammed the door on bipartisan proposals.” said Republican Indiana Rep. Mike Pence
"This bill is a brazen attempt to funnel more money to public employee unions before an election at a moment of record deficits and debt.” said Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
"This election is about jobs. The American Dream is threatened, but Washington continues its reckless spending, massive debt, and tax increases," said Linda McMahon
"Teachers, nurses and cops should not be used as pawns in a cynical political game" resulting from "the Democratic majority's failure to govern responsibly," said David Dreier.
President Obama signed a bill that he says will save hundreds of thousands of teacher and other public workers from unemployment. The $26 billion bill would protect 300,000 teachers, police and others from election-year layoffs almost all are union members. The bill is a blatant giveaway to teachers unions and an another obvious example of wasteful Washington spending.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tim Adems quote regarding Obama's birth

“I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver’s license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone’s identity,” says Timothy Adams, who served as senior government records clerk in Honolulu in 2008.

“There is no birth certificate. I was informed by my boss that we did not have Obama’s birth record.”

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Hollywood limousine Liberals.

The Hollywood limousine Liberals. Do as I say not as I do. Drive a Prius to save the environment then fly in a privet jet and live in 10,000 square foot mansion with a heated pool! They support gun control, but they go everywhere surrounded by armed bodyguards. They join organizations like PETA because they believe that killing animals is wrong, but they wear expensive leather belts and shoes.
It has been my experience based on 30 years I have been in the workforce that more regulations unenforced are far inferior to a few well thought out and strictly enforced regulations tends to work better. What really happens is that complex lightly monitored regulations get ignored and then the crap hits the fan due to the inevitable accident that eventually always happens. What pisses me off is when a productive person is so taxed and regulated that he goes unproductive or worse underground, illegal and untaxed!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When guns are outlawed then only the outlaws will have guns.

When guns are outlawed then only the outlaws will have guns. An important step to socializing a country is to disarm the citizens. Tyrants like Stalin, Hitler, and Mao all sought to disarm their own citizens in order to control them and ensure their own power. Sometimes you have to defend yourself as the police cannot be everywhere all the time and if my family is threatened I will not hesitate to shoot someone and will be happy to face the consequences of my actions.
Let's ban all cars cause some nut case committed a crime with a car, is that not the liberal way. I hope that criminals do some time in a jail with a friend or relative of one of the victims.
Let's ban all cars cause some nut case committed a crime with a car by transporting the weapons with it, is that not the liberal way.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Obama National Socialist Youth in training!

This is just wrong on so many levels!

The brown-shirts oops I meant purple-shirts are next. This looks a lot like Americas version of National Socialism. Progressivism creates false expectations among the poor that cannot be fulfilled. Why will anyone continue to be productive over time when 60% of your efforts is given to the unproductive. Big government with the associated necessary high taxes are the opposite of freedom.

Another Liberal created mess they will try and pin on the Conservatives. They are once again saying Bush did it!

Video: Frank in 2005 — Bubble? What bubble?
excerpts with my additions from a post at 11:35 am on April 24, 2009 by Ed Morrissey
Barney Frank argued this week that he had always warned about the excesses of pushing home ownership and had advocated for rentals instead. Our friends at Verum Serum couldn’t believe their ears, because Frank has long been one of the loudest voices supporting the CRA and Fannie/Freddie policies that encouraged irresponsible lending. Here’s Frank making that clear on the floor of Congress on June 27, 2005, in support of the recognition of National Home Ownership Month:
I think we have an excessive degree of concern right now about home ownership and its role in the economy. Obviously, speculation is never a good thing. But those who argue that housing prices are now at the point of a bubble seem to me to missing a very important point. Unlike previous examples we have had, where substantial excessive inflation of prices later caused some problems, we are talking here about an entity — home ownership, homes — where there is not the degree of leverage we have seen elsewhere. This is not the dot-com situation; we have problems with people having invested in business plans for which there was no reality. People building fiber-optic cable for which there was no need. Homes that are occupied may see an ebb and flow in the price at a certain percentage level, but you’re not going to see the collapse that you see when people talk about a bubble. And so, those of us on our committee in particular, will continue to push for home ownership.
Now check what Frank claims was his position all along:
Now, suddenly, home ownership was a conservative idea, and Frank suddenly realizes that people should only buy houses when they can afford them.  Only a politician could lie with such a lack of conscience, but with a surfeit of sanctimony.
His “Bubble?  What bubble?” performance in June 2005 should become required viewing for anyone who wants the real history of how the economy collapsed.  In another addition to the Someone Left The Irony On Department, Frank scolds the people behind the dot-com bubble for not having realistic business plans while Frank protected Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from regulators who warned that the two GSEs had the same exact problem.  And Frank was right that the housing collapse wouldn’t be as bad as the dot-com pop — but in fact it was much, much worse, thanks to Congressional action that mandated the creation of mortgage-backed securities that spread the poison of bad loans throughout the global financial system.  The dot-com bubble burst resulted in a mild recession, but Frank’s supposedly-impossible housing bubble collapse sent the entire world economy crashing into a heap.
Clueless?  A liar?  In this case, Frank qualifies as both.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Obama letter to congress begging for another 50 billion bailout to go to the Unions

"Democrats are showing either that they just don't get it on this issue of the debt, or that they just don't care," Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said in a reaction to the Obama letter to congress begging for another 50 billion bailout to go to the Unions. "You can understand the American people's skepticism when they're told that simply adding more government is the solution to government's previous failures."

Recent Events and my observations on them

My You Tube page - Tim Adams a former senior elections clerk for the city and county of Honolulu during 2008 said
"I had direct access to the Social Security database, the national crime computer, state driver's license information, international passport information, basically just about anything you can imagine to get someone's identity....I could look up what bank your home mortgage was in. I was informed by my boss that we did not have a birth record [for Obama]. They ( both hospitals) told us, 'We don't have a birth certificate for him,'" he said. They told my supervisor, either by phone or by e-mail, neither one has a document that a doctor signed off on saying they were present at this man's birth.
Why are we drilling in 5,000 feet of water in the first place? Environmentalists have driven us out there. The environmentalists have succeeded in rendering the Pacific and nearly all the Atlantic coast off-limits to oil production. We have been stopped by the environmentalists from drilling any where on our own land. Bush and Reagan did it is all you will hear from the left. There will always be catastrophic oil spills. We can only reduce the chances and minimize the damage. Not that the environmentalists are the only ones to blame. But it is unbelievable that they've escaped any mention at all from the mainstream media.
How about some more of that Obama transparency on the Sestak job offer. More like the age old Chicago corrupt politics and business as usual not the change we were promised. The Israelis know how to handle those peaceful protesters from the left. Mohammad is a punk, for allowing his followers to intentionally murder innocent women and children. This cannot be justified in any circumstance. Anyone involved in these acts needs to be exterminated also. The sooner the left acknowledges this the better. They only condone violence if their power or entitlements are threatened (see Immigration, Greece or France protests).